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kicked door slammed to the ground. police initially reported that he may had choked on drugs he had put in his mouth. >> there's comfort in knowing that they confirmed with have been saying as they want, he was killed as a result of being slammed to the ground. >> family members were witnesses and watched the encounter between anderson and the officer. three officers involved in the confrontation are suspended. the state attorney's office will determine if the charges should be filed. drugs were found in his system, but they did not factor into his death.
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the three suspended officers are within a specialized unit in the police department. the results will be out within one hour. dan miller, wbal-tv 11 news. -- jayne miller. >> they found a man suffering from a gunshot wound last night. someone pulled up next to them and shot them. the unidentified man was taken to the hospital and is expected to survive. they do not believe the shooting was random. the other shooting was on quantico ave. they found an adult male had been shot. the victim has been identified. he was taken to the hospital where he later died. police are calling his death a homicide. no word on a suspect or motive.
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anyone with information is asked to call homicide detectives. police are investigating the adduction the two women from bus stops. once she was sexually assaulted and the other say she was forced to perform a sex act. we're live in towns and with more on that story. >> baltimore county police arrested two men in those bus stop productions. both of them had charges pending. his 17-year-old girl was abducted yesterday in the west view area around 12:40 monday afternoon. just after she got off the transit bus and started walking to another bus stop. a man got out of an suv and forster inside. another man was in the back armed with a handgun. they drove to an alley where the teenager was sexually assaulted. police say later that afternoon
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another allegedly kidnapping happened and the suspect's vehicle matched the description of the suv they were looking for. there arrested two men late last night in northwest baltimore. they have connected the driver to another kidnapping of september 25th win in 18-year- old woman was abducted in the same area. she told police she was forced into the vehicle at gunpoint and forced to perform a sexual act. she also said the man threatened to harm or if she complained to police. the investigation is ongoing. reporting live in townsend, barry simms, wbal-tv 11 news. >> a messy day all around maryland with the rain on and off this afternoon. let's find out how long it's going to last and what is in the future as we check in with tom tasselmyer. >> 1-3 inches of rain in the morning and afternoon. heaviest of the rainfall to the northwest of baltimore city for
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parts of howard, carol, baltimore, and harford counties. but looks like for our areas and isolated showers and thunderstorms on the eastern shore locations was some thunder moving north of cambridge. lighter showers and it looks like steady rain has moved out and we will deal with the possibility of some thicker overnight fog. temperatures cooling by just a few degrees may produce dense fog in areas. we will track down and see if there is any more rain in the seven-day forecast coming out. >> all this nasty weather made roads slick for much of the day leading to a number of accidents including one that landed a police officer in shock trauma. that happened a long 795 northbound in owings mills. the officer was on his motorcycle heading to a training
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facility in the rain when he drove over a metal strip and lost control colliding with a wall. the injuries are non-life threatening. before you get behind the wheel, check traffic can download our free smartphone app. see the insta-weather + forecast and migrate are. it's all free and available for your iphone, ipad, and the android devices. >> a goat, three snakes, and more. >> they found them living for weeks in horrible conditions. >> the chaotic scene in downtown frederick at the height of last time -- last night's rush hour. time -- last night's rush hour.
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>> gunfire erupted in the large by downtown but at the seminar arrests have been made. it happened in rush hour yesterday. police say it involved males and females and wants shots were fired the groups scattered. they're investigating this as a stabbing and a shooting. they stopped a car near by for a traffic violation when they
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found a passenger suffering from a stab wound. >> big news for anyone allergic to milk. researchers think they can genetically engineered a cow to produce milk without the protein. it contained little to no blg protein and could be healthier than normal milk. they say this is the first time that they have altered the protein composition of milk before it leaves the cow. kennedy boy the common cold? -- can it cure the common cold. they foudn no differences in respiratory infections. rest and chicken soup still may
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be the ebst medicine. maybe it's time to take a hike if you're getting bored with work. it can also boost your brain power. they gave half of them a test at the start of the trip. >> we found a 50% boost in creativity. >> all the participants should measurable improvements in their creativity. >> hitting the trail might make us smarter. >> 3, 2, 1. [applause]
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>> they broke ground this morning on the 31,000 square foot headquarters. there will be space for medical and dental exams, treatment rooms and it should be completed by 2014. >> the rain has tapered off a bit year on the western shore of the bay. on the eastern shore, still some showers. some lightning strikes now crossing the delaware on up to new jersey. for most areas, much less rain to contend with than i had earlier. rain was substantial. keep an eye on the shower is coming across into st. mary's county. right now, the eastern shore has heavier shower activity than the
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western shore and the mountains. precipitation or the course of the past 24 hours, very significant up into parts of carroll, baltimore, and harford county in this rich of area. two-3 inches is certainly, in there with showers moving to the west of baltimore. half an inch soap bar at bwi marshall in sharp contrast to the two or 3 inches that fell north and west of the city. starting to pick up on more activity over there. warmer temperatures to the south and these are developing as moist air comes out of the gulf of mexico and comes on top of a cold front. 80's right now in southern virginia and the carolina's. 66 degrees in storage, but 80 at the airbase. you see the temperature contrast. south the southeast wind blowing warm air on top of the cooler
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air producing rain in the region and we will deal with a few isolated showers. we're not talking about the flooding we had earlier but it will stay cloudy. isolated showers and temperatures staying really studied, 62-69 tonight. that's about where we are in most areas right now. they may be rising a bit of the warm front gets closer later tonight and tomorrow morning. temperatures could get up in the 70's. low pressure pulling the warm front of the eastern seaboard and this will have warmer than normal temperatures and the possibility of the clouds are thin enough that we could see low to mid 80's for a few days and it will be monday with the tropical air coming up out of the gulf. october will feel partially summary. only a few spotty showers expected thursday with a 20% chance of asia are popping up. friday, we should see a lot of sunshine to come in over the weekend out had of that front.
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it looks like a really nice day of a warm. 79-84 tomorrow with a chance of an isolated showers or thunderstorms. on the day, when will be like out of the south with waves 1 foot or less. bay water temperatures in the 70's. isolated sun and cloud mixture. mostly sunny, 67 on thursday. the warm air is coming out. 82 in salzburg right now. it will stay near 80 on the beach. a chance for an isolated afternoon storm. it lies in the low 80's warm and muggy. the front on sunday will be significant as far as temperature changes going from 75 saturday to a high of only 60 sunday.
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>> we're so used to late inning, extra inning wins by the orioles. that did not happen last night. dissevered a heartbreaking loss last night against tampa. for oriole fans, they have a spot in the postseason, but it is still very much in question tonight. pete gilbert is that tropicana field in florida where they have to be feeling the pressure. >> after 160 games, the story is one of the best in all of sports. they have to keep pace with the oakland a's and keep their chance to live to have playoff baseball. look at what they did last night in the ninth inning despite the fact they were down 9-1. they got a few runs and got some more men on base. and each abbas was unable to
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bring in the game tying runs. don't worry about it. on to the next game. it has been the signature of this team, the ability to put behind them any sense of adversity and move on. >> we feel like we cannot are on our losses. we want to try to take as much from this as we can. every day you get a chance to go out there and play another night and we're successful at putting those things behind us. honestly, i thought i hit the ball really well. i did not know was going to happen. >> and now joining me is one of the writers for the orioles. what do you expect coming off another loss and also the fact that the rays have nothing to play for. >> this is different for the first time in many years that the rays have had a pretty good long run of making the postseason. they are very resilient.
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the go-ahead run was on base last night. they have a lot to play for here. they still have the same and gold. we're going to see that same kind of resilience tonight. it does pretty well and we will see how they do it tonight. >> thanks for your time. all these complicated some areas we have with regard to the playoffs, let's go ahead and had to our executive sports producer to go ahead and lay an all-out. >> let's take a look at the big board here. the yankees have won game lead over the orioles in two games left in the regular season holding the situation where they're going to play in our hand. the orioles need some help from the red sox either tonight or tomorrow and pretty much have to have both teams in tampa bay. in the american league central,
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detroit clenching their spot last night. there in as the no. 3 seed regardless of any scenario that will play off for the rest of the regular season. the american league west is also one game where texas currently believed oakland. that is a tie-breaker which could still happen. as i said before, the orioles will be more likely than not have to win not have that potential on thursday here at oriole park. as be take a look at the best records right now in the american league, the yankees are in the top spot, texas in second, detroit in third regardless of what happens. oakland in fourth position right now. the orioles have tumbled all the way to the bottom. right now, the orioles will face
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oakland in oakland on friday night. there are still two more days of some areas. we will check back tomorrow. right now on the big board, wbal-tv 11 news. >> it still confusing. just play ball. go out and play ball. allover byrd land looking for a win tonight. share your pictures with us as well. >> not one but two n.c.a.a. division wins. >> after weeks of discussion, making a surprising suggestion to reconfigure their department. details straight ahead. >> it's a learning difference that's often overlooked. >> dyslexia. >> dyslexia.
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number of students that we have. resources. materials. things that the children need... on a day-to-day basis. anncr: question seven will help. the department of legislative services says question seven... will mean hundreds of millions of dollars... for schools...from gaming revenues that would have... gone to other states. and independent audits will guarantee the money... goes where it's supposed to. krystal conwell: i think people should vote for question... seven because i think it will be a great benefit to children.
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>> late breaking details from the opposite of the mayor stephanie rawlings blake. they will not plan on remaining open. they will stay in operation at the location. they're pointing to additional funding received from overdue taxes from the 2011 grand prix. officials at house and are recommending they cut the soccer and baseball teams from the athletic program citing financial problems. they have issued a recommendation to the school's president on reif figuring -- refiguring. they would reinstate tennis. all in all, it could save them $800,000. a final decision could come in mid november.
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>> one in 10 people have symptoms of dyslexia. that means they suffer with the written and spoken language. >> this month, an increased effort to educate the young republic about dyslexia. tim tooten joined us in the studio with more. >> it turns out the international dyslexia association in baltimore is doing their part to get the word out, especially to parents. >> is a further apart than together? >> their mission is to educate talented and bright students struggling with dyslexia or other language-based learning differences. >> when i got here, i was not good at reading or writing. >> now?
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>> i amazing. i can , papers. i loved to read. games,"w i'm on "hunger and i cannot put it down. >> comprehension it is not an issue. they tend to be gifted in understanding the world. they struggle with the mechanics of language. >> we use smart boards. it's very hands-on. they really care. they care that you do well. but they're trying to help spread the word to parents about the symptoms. their son had been showing signs of dyslexia. >> they came back with some crazy have uninventive non- traditional spelling patterns. by friday, he had memorized and that point it was not ratified but the school. >> this year, he enrolled in the school. they will be the first to tell you why the school and they're
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learning programs are making a difference. >> its more hands on. it covers the class war. if you have a question, they will go over it with you as much as you need. >> in a few weeks, they will be holding their annual conference in baltimore. to get the facts, log on to our web site,, and click on "education alert." maryland is getting almost $2 million to improve its statewide testing program in the form of a grant which will pay for making it more accessible to students. we're the one of three states in line to the federal dollars. tim tooten, wbal-tv 11 news. >> one day away from the highly anticipated first presidential debate of 2012. >> ronny will go head-to-head with obama on domestic issues. not 5:30, what to expect some much at stake.
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>> adding 100 parking spots and it's now on hold. what the mayor is planning to do now coming up. >> 40 animals including a pig and snakes are taken from my and snakes are taken from my home
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>> live, local, late braking. you're watching wbal-tv 11 news at 5:30 with stan stovall, donna hamilton, tim tasselmyer, and sky team 11 covering breaking news where you live.
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>> this pig is one of 40 animals taken from the house in pasadena by animal control. they seized the animals because they were not being cared for properly. "the man who runs the animals had a different story to tell. they say most were rescued and they were well cared for. but rob roblin has the story. >> they came back last weekend they seized for the animals. these are just some of the animals taken by anne arundel county, a pig, three snakes, the birds come dogs, chickens, and goats. animal control says there are not taken care of. >> those that did have access to
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fresh fruit and water had very little. those who did not, it was not palatable to drink from. >> most of the animals were rescued. >> was neglecting them? no. was it too much for me? absolutely. i was nonstop taking care of these animals and my neighbors would tell you in a heartbeat they see me all day long taken care of these animals. >> they were never a problem. >> did he take care of them? >> yes, he did. he took very good care of them. there were always fed. have a large property to rome on. it's not like they were on an 87 maker. >> charges are pending, says that all control and the
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investigation is ongoing. he feels he was misled by animal control and was cooperating with them fully. >> this is spreading like wildfire that i am an animal quarter and i have all kinds of charges against me. i was not even told i had charges against me. -- this is spreading like wildfire that i am an animal hoarder. they said if i cooperated they would not press charges. >> rob roblin, wbal-tv 11 news. >> the message whether to they made for the nsc to do across the baltimore area. it led to a number of accidents. the big question right now, how long will the wet conditions last. how about it? >> the skies are not necessarily clearing up.
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to the south and east. we will have to watch for some patchy dense fog. on this coming up in a few minutes. >> the other big story tonight, uncovering a new development in the death of a man under police custody. at the autopsy reveals the cause of death was a homicide. he died from a blunt force injury even though they said they caught him in a drug deal and he died choking on drugs. we're learning the drugs did not factor in to the death and suffering from broken ribs and a ruptured spleen. we will have a live update on that next. now, an update on the
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controversial plan to pay as part of this park. city officials are deciding to put their plan on hold. stephanie rawlings blake says she has order the department of recreation it to work with community stakeholders to build upon the existing plan to increase recreational activities while enhancing green space. >> all eyes are on call roddick for tomorrow night -- are on colorado for tomorrow night. 11 news reporter steve is in denver tonight with our commitment 2012 update. >> some voters in ohio camping out to be the first to cast early ballots in the underground state -- battlegroudn state. but a more focused on the first
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few states. they run by sokol companies -- they run bicycle companies. he's hoping for a breakthrough by his candidate, mitt romney. >> i want him to talk about economic values, empowering small businesses. >> he used to talk about republican values. >> they have got away from taking care of the little guy. >> vice president biden today charging -- >> how can they justify raising taxes on the middle class? >> republicans jumped on that.
5:35 pm
taking a break for a burrito bowl. an,ney's number two, paul ry kept campaigning. >> it failed because it was passed. >> that's the type of zinger they hope to hear tomorrow night at debate number 1. wbal-tv 11 enws. >> i wild ride for passengers on several american airline flights as their seat literally became detached from the floor. >> how widespread is the problem? could the desire to give passengers more legroom be to blame. blame.
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>> it beds and file additional
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charges against five former employees of bernie madoff. five employees were recently indicted on other charges. they determine the ponzi scheme started much earlier than they thought. >> officials at american airlines say the problem was with installed clamps causing seats to come loose. two flights had to make emergency landings. there was improper installation of a clamp used to attach pizza -- each row of seats. all three of the aircraft had recently undergone expansions to
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create extra legroom. >> they arrested crewmembers from the ships involved. it is the deadliest action in more than a decade. crewmembers were detained on suspicion of endangering passengers. relatives of the 37 victims attended a traditional mourning ritual. >> from snowmageddon to snowpocalypse. >> snowstorms were never really given names -- until now. >> the weather channel is naming major winter storms. >> why they're making the change for winter 2012.
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>> it's kind of a science. >> jummy the -- you meet the man behind "wicked" and how they turn the stage into
5:42 pm
>> discussion impossible tax hike under way and the impact could have on middle-class families. a man dies in police custody and is now being rolled homicide. allegations of illegal gambling and internet cafes. details on the claims being made by the maryl
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>> the weather channel will begin naming not or the winter storms this upcoming winter season to better communicate the threat and timing of a significant storms' impact. instead of calling things snow- tober or snopocalypse. the list includes athena, brutus, draco, and magnus. >> the most important things to look out will be accumulation and the combination of wind which can produce significant impact on the public.
5:45 pm
listen differentiate -- this will differentiate the system they will be using. tom tasselmyer? >> "bob's on teh way." we start talking about snowstorms three weeks in advance. >> brutus is coming! >> e tu? [laughter] >> pretty soon we will be naming rain storms. i don't know. >> we will have to think about that one. let's see where the rain as today. >> causing flooding in low-lying areas. you have to be careful. heavy showers in parts of maryland, lower eastern shore.
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chars are also pretty heavy. some heavy storms crossing the delaware bay and all that activity we had here in the middle part of the day moving off to the east. only about a half inch of rain, a lot less or areas to the north and west of town. i guess that's a little bit of a surplus for a month cutting the deficit to 6.8 inches. to the north and west of us, northern virginia. a record for them. montgomery county is soaked. no. baltimore, harford county, a good soaking. again, a few inches in those locations. meek could see temperatures climb a little bit this evening and a warm front is on the way coming up from the south. the warmer air with the front
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could invade maryland as we go through the evening so it's possible we have not seen the highs of the day just yet. once the temperature rise stops, we will probably be in the mid 60's. if you spotty showers and maybe some dense fog. we may see a love of a temperature difference which will produce widespread dense fog as this makes its way through. over the weekend, big changes. it still feels like summer time. low 80's tomorrow and an isolated storms sounding like a summer forecast. when will be light out of the
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south. there could be an isolated storm popping up in parts of the bay. remember that tropical storm? still in the season until december. tracking across the atlantic doing loops. this are of cloud could become tropical storm oscar. we will see if he forms while nadine is still holding on. warm and humid until friday. front with a shower. highs on sunday, monday, tuesday 60's. upper 50's and low >> we begin tonight with a look at what is preventing hundreds of baltimore area residents
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getting jobs and possible involvement. on thursday, the baltimore city council will hold a hearing to look at what can be done. this happened back in 2009. the hearing also looked at the number of people looking at alternative routes to high school and education. these reports are not theig ones like jobs but they are leading indicators. >> new car sales in september were up about 10% led by toyota and volkswagen.
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chrysler easily led with a 12% increase and a decline in truck sales hurting ford this year. gm's truck sales down, too, but passenger cars it saved september. we have great passenger car sales. what's that mean they 29% gain in passenger car sales. analysts also say the lowest interest rates on new car loans since 1971 are helping. >> moving the housing market where home prices moving up 4.5% from one year ago.
5:51 pm
there may be more of a difference. >> if congress and the administration would resolve these issues, this would actually be quite a bit higher. this may be reflected in the jobs report that comes out on friday. chris clackum, wbal-tv 11 news. >> something new to keep you occupied, netflix has added the just for kids viewing experience. it is loaded up with movies and tv shows deemed appropriate for little eyes and ears. it's available only for ipad right now. it will roll out for other devices later this year. >> one the most successful shows in broadway history begins a
5:52 pm
monthlong run tomorrow in baltimore. this stage or in looking at will be ready for showtime for "wicked" identical to the scenery for broadway. the had carpenter has been with the show since it opened in 2003. by now have a down to a science. >> we do an autocad program to fit it into trucks. the price of gas, it's astronomical. 5ading 13 trucks 100 guys, hours. >> the set is the same but the company is mroe fluid. this is different than the tour that came through last time.
5:53 pm
they are known as munchkinland company. >> will meltzer looking into hot spots that some state lawmakers are calling illegally gambling operations. >> this historic stagecoaches one of the many attractions you will see this weekend. i'm kim dacey with what you need to know coming up.
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number of students that we have. resources. materials. things that the children need... on a day-to-day basis. anncr: question seven will help. the department of legislative services says question seven... will mean hundreds of millions of dollars... for schools...from gaming revenues that would have... gone to other states. and independent audits will guarantee the money... goes where it's supposed to. krystal conwell: i think people should vote for question... seven because i think it will be a great benefit to children.
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>> harrison mule days teaches about the animals and honors a young man who lost his life. kim daceyt has the details. to showre getting ready and campy this weekend. the event features everything from a celebration to the mules. speedhaeve classes, classes, trail classes, free the obstacles, vendors. jared had a cherished mule
5:57 pm
named brownie. we decided to start our own. this started a scholarship in his name for local 48 students to further their education. >> you want to figure out how you can keep their memory alive. you want to make sure that everyone does remembers them. >> spectators are welcome. >> jared would have loved seeing this event come to life.
5:58 pm
>> admission is free to mule days. find the link on our website, kim dacey, wbal-tv 11 news. >> a man who died in police custody is now being world homicide. >> live, local, late breaking. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> is being called a fiscal clip. many taxpayers could face a substantial tax increase in
5:59 pm
2013. >> in a report predicting what will happen if lawmakers do not act. tracey mitchell joins us live with our commitment 2012 report. >> 90% of americans could see their paychecks shrank and some will be hit much harder than others. >> they're talking taxes on the campaign trail. >> we cut taxes for everyone in the middle class. $3,600 for the average family. >> taxpayers need more than just talk. talk.
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